“I valued the sections on eliminating or reframing negative or judgmental thoughts.”

“Understanding and appreciating how others, different from me, think and operate.”

Akron Early College High School Staff – Educating Together to Make a Difference – nine monthly sessions – 2012


“Regained my sense of purpose. Was nice to remember why I started teaching here and why I have stayed so many years.”

“Reminded that I need to keep my faith in mind as I deal with my colleagues, with changes.”

Magnificat High School Teachers Beginning of the School Year Retreat – Educating Together to Make a Difference – one all-day session – 2011


“Became more aware that I need to dedicate myself to thankfulness and to look for and celebrate the best in people.”

“Was reminded to pay more attention to my inner self and to listen to the voice within.”

Walsh University Professors Retreat – Renewing Purpose and Spirit As Educators – one all-day session – 2011


“I came out inspired, energized with goals and objectives personally and for my work unit.”

“Need to focus more on my inner life. Received insights for balancing my work with my life.”

 Kent State University Leadership Institute (for KSU staff) – Inner Excellence at Work – three half-day sessions – 2014


“This helped me to better understand the personalities and thought processes of the other administrators in the district.”

“Group exercises were very beneficial, especially in recognizing and valuing differences.”

Woodridge Administrators and High School Faculty – Personality Differences at Work: Valuing and Using Them Well (based upon the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) – one three-hour session – 2007


“Recognized I need to work on my own personal obstacles (pride, selfish, etc.) and let go of fear.”

“Reminded that at the heart of what we do each day is the need for strong human relationships. Without those our individual expertise is lost.”

 Walsh Jesuit Faculty and Staff, Educating Together to Make a Difference – one all-day session


“Realized that teaching really is a vocation, not simply a job.”

“Aware that I need to look more at my inner life and not simply “react” to circumstances.”

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Faculty Retreat, Integrating Spirituality and Work the Heart to Heart Way – one all-day session