office-1430165558479-de3cf8cf1478Signature Programs

  • Resilient Life
    • Identify the deeper causes of stress, negativity, and imbalance within each individual’s life and work.
    • Explore and draw upon inner resources and outer practices which facilitate staying self-aware, positive and centered in difficult situations.
  • H. Peter Burg Leadership Connections
    • Identify the inner and outer qualities of authentic and effective leaders and ways to further develop those characteristics.
    • Develop employees who have a stronger sense of being valued and appreciated and a greater commitment to the organization.
  • Strengthening Employee Engagement
    • Explore practical ways to motivate employees to become positively and creatively involved in improving their work, their work relationships and themselves.
    • Become familiar with Appreciative Inquiry, a proven method which can involve people at work in bringing about positive and purposeful growth and change.
  • Valuing Strengths and Appreciating Difference using the Enneagram
    • Learn the basics of the Enneagram system to enhance your personal and professional development through deeper insights into what motivates, energizes, and at times limits you and others.
    • Better understand, value, and use well your style and others’ styles of working, leading, relating, and communicating.
  • Renewing Purpose and Spirit at Work
    • Explore ways to foster a greater sense of purpose and vitality within the organization.
    • Identify how to appropriately align personal sense of mission and purpose with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
  • MBA – Mindset, Belief and Attitude
    • Evaluate and monitor the influence of your mindset, beliefs, and attitudes (MBA) upon the ways you lead, relate, and work.
    • Determine steps and the follow-through to develop a healthier, more effective MBA as a strong foundation for being an effective leader.
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Core Services

  • Appreciative Inquiry – A positive approach to problem solving by discovering organizational strengths and designing processes to realize hopes and dreams.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – A useful questionnaire whose results describe valuable differences between people. Use the results to help appreciate and benefit from another’s differences.
  • StrengthsFinder – Become more adept at identifying and using well your strengths at work. Determine how to further recognize, encourage, and leverage team strengths.
  • Consultation


Core Training Topics

  • Values Based Leadership
  • Self-Awareness
  • Team Development at Work
  • Ethical Commitment
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Work Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Women in Leadership
  • Emerging Leaders


As our client, you can expect the following:

We are committed to providing our clients a comprehensive array of competitively-priced training opportunities that can benefit all employees, including senior level executives, middle-management supervisors, directors, department heads, and frontline personnel.

  • We work with corporations, nonprofit organizations, educators, professional associations, and boards to tailor programs that are specific to the mission, vision and needs of our clients. We listen, we ask questions, and we provide the tools for making the difference you want to see in your workplace.
  • We facilitate workshops, seminars, and ongoing small group sessions giving participants time, on the job, to reflect upon and practice what they learn.
  • We build on your existing resources and people strengths and provide practical tools for strengthening the ways people at work relate, communicate, lead, balance their lives, experience a sense of purpose, live out their ethical values, and develop their inner life and essential skills.
  • We facilitate a process of people coming to a shared vision based upon shared values in a highly interactive learning environment for businesses that care about people being and doing their best.
  • Our personal development programs include practical suggestions for integrating your spirituality into day-to-day work life and balancing activities involving work, family, service, and self from a values-based perspective.
  • We have 25+ years of experience and have enriched over 30,000 lives.

As people grow together, the workplace becomes a more vital and productive environment. Contact us today to discuss how Heart to Heart Communications can help enhance your workplace.

“I liked the interaction of all the participants and how our facilitator got everyone engaged.  This was much better than simply listening to a speaker.  I saw how good it is to use positive, open-ended questions to get people thinking and discussing.”