Would your faith community benefit from a session mission/retreat that focuses on:

  • How can we better integrate our faith and values into our daily lives
  • What can we do to move beyond the sacred-secular split in the ways many of us view the world, to enhance an awareness of the spirituality of all of life
  • How can we foster a keen sense that our most important mission and ministry is what we do in our everyday lives at home, at work, and in the wider community
  • What are we already doing as a faith community to affirm, equip, and support laypeople for their daily life mission, and how can we do this even better

Consider these Missions/Retreats

Faith Community Missions are typically held over three evening sessions. Each session will include presentations, personal reflection time, prayer, and song.  These sessions will be led by the Heart to Heart mission staff with the support of a faith community mission team. Below are brief descriptions of each mission.

God Revives Our World (GROW)

The overall goal of the G.R.O.W. journey is to foster a strong sense of the spirituality of everyday, ordinary life, including that of work and relationships.  We encourage a faith vision in which God is recognized as present in all of life – calling us to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, our daily source of divine wisdom, strength, justice and love.

Session 1: “Where in the World Is Our God?”

Session 2: “How in the World Do We Relate?”

Session 3: “What in the World Do We Do and How Do We Make a Difference?”


Getting Centered Mission (formerly New Wineskins)

The overall goal of the Getting Centered mission is to assist Christians in being more centered and strengthened in Christ amidst the busyness and stresses of daily life. Insights and inspiration will be drawn from the rich heritage of Catholic Christian tradition and spirituality.

Session 1: “Getting Centered in an Off Centered World”

Session 2: “Liturgy & Life—Strengthening the Connections”

Session 3: “Getting to the Heart & Soul of Living, Loving, & Working”


Resilient Life: Living a Vital, Virtuous Life in the Midst of Daily Challenges

The overall goal of the Resilient Life mission is to foster within individual Christians a strong sense of being called into an ever deepening covenant love relationship with God and one another. We reflect upon the core values that Jesus lived and how we can follow his way more wholeheartedly. We explore how we can live more authentic lives and respond to others with greater compassion, justice and mercy.

Session 1: “Awareness of Love (Both Human and Divine) as Gift and Responsibility”

Session 2: “Commitment to Following His Way”

Session 3: “Living a More Vital, Joyful, and Virtuous Life… Keep Practicing!”

Contact us today about holding a mission/retreat at your faith community.