Planting Trees…Developing Leaders.

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Planting Trees…Developing Leaders. Farmer Nelson Henderson is famously quoted for saying, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” A recent article from Crain’s Cleveland Business highlights the need for a leadership pipeline that will intentionally make space for new leaders to emerge who can […]

Rose-Tinted Glasses by Kat Pestian

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Heart to Heart Communication is proud to bring you a blog series with the hopes of inspiring and uplifting you as a values-based leader. With its unique curriculum, Heart to Heart Communications is grounded in helping leaders find meaning and purpose in their daily lives while making distinct connections between interpersonal development and the vitality and success […]

Getting to Know Jeremy Lile, Heart to Heart Communications Executive Director

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Tell us “Jeremy 101” – your background, your family, your hobbies, etc. I was born and raised in Akron and graduated from the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy.  “My mother, Karen, resides in Akron.  My father, John, is deceased.  My older sister, Deborah, lives in Green, and my younger brother, Jonathan, lives in Manhattan, New York. […]

Dealing with Stinking Thinking

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“Hey you, you’re caught up in stinking thinking!” This was a direct message from my inner (Holy) Spirit to my self-absorbed ego. I had spent several hours late into the night trying to fix a computer problem, getting nowhere. I kept mumbling to myself, “I am a bright person. I ought to be able to […]

Character: Why it’s Imperative for Leadership

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Read most leadership literature these days and you’ll find a host of characteristics defining a leader including influence, authenticity, vision, results, innovation, communication, results execution, and strategic thinking. Likewise, you’ll see many of these same topics being taught in leadership development curriculum. It seems that in the midst of these important leadership competencies and behaviors, […]

5 Resolutions for Integrating Spirituality & Work

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The New Year provides a new start, an opportunity to better integrate our spirituality with our work lives and put new practices into action. Here are 5 suggested resolutions for better integrating spirituality and work. 1. Practice gratitude. Every day, make an effort to thank at least one person for something they did on your […]

Quarterly Connections Breakfast with Akron U. Coach Terry Bowden

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Heart to Heart Communications encourages you to join us for the first Quarterly Connections Breakfast of 2012 featuring special guest speaker Coach Terry Bowden new head football coach for The University of Akron. Terry Bowden, who owns a 140-62-2 record (69.3 winning percentage) over an 18-year coaching career, was named The University of Akron’s 27th […]

Leading From Within as a Servant Leader

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Recognize and strengthen the inner qualities of effective, respected, servant leaders by stablishing ways to reinforce these inner attributes in yourself and others at work.

Enneagram – Personality Inventory

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The Enneagram is a proven tool for better understanding ourselves and others.  It focuses upon what situations attract, motivate, and energize people and what circumstances individuals tend to avoid.  This program illuminates the ways these differences influence individual work, communication, learning, leadership, and decision-making styles.  This inventory has been used with major league baseball players, […]

Myers-Briggs Indicator – Personality Inventory

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The MBTI results help participants recognize the specific ways in which temperament influences how people view the world, make decisions, relate to others, communicate, do their work, and lead.  This useful self-report instrument is non-judgmental, based upon sound psychological insights and professionally interpreted.  It describes valuable differences beteween normal, healthy people – differences that can […]