Rev. Norman K. (Fr. Norm) Douglas, M.D. and Lawrence W. (Larry) Vuillemin, Esq.,a priest and an attorney, co-founded Heart to Heart Communications, Inc. in 1990. Their experience has shown them that people want to experience meaning, purpose, and spirit at work as a source of their vitality and creativity.

Our co-founders crossed paths in the spring of 1986. During his recovery fromBook: Success Story. a life-changing stroke at the age of 35, Larry was reflecting on how his work life could be linked more strongly with his personal beliefs and values. Fr. Norm was looking for ways to help people experience their faith as more relevant to the practicalities of their everyday lives, including work. Long before spirituality at work became a part of mainstream business, the two men, connecting with others, began to explore ways to better integrate spirit and work, to incorporate ethical commitment more fully into everyday decisions, and to bridge the gap between spirituality and daily “busyness.”

Soon, people of various faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds were coming together to discuss in a heart-to-heart way how to strengthen the link between their deepest beliefs and ideals and their daily activity. It was their vision to strengthen the connections between people’s inner spirit, ethical values, and daily work. They believe that this focus upon the inner development of individuals is a necessary foundation for enhancing workplace relationships, purpose, ethics, wellness and productivity.

From their early beginnings, they eventually expanded into the not-for-profit organization called Heart to Heart Communications, Inc. facilitating workplace programs and personal enrichment experiences. Since 1990, more than 30,000 people have attended our corporate workshops, training, H. Peter Burg Leadership Connections Series, and  community programs. They have traveled throughout the United States delivering their message to businesses and inter-faith communities at conferences, seminars and retreats. Fr. Norm has a B.A. degree in English and an extensive background in counseling. As an attorney, Larry specializes in employment law, and as co-founder of H2HC he has participated in building the core programs and setting the direction of the organization. Their extensive experience has shown that business solutions are not expressed only in dollars and cents or management tactics, but in heart-to-heart discussions.