What Our Clients Say About Us.

“For over 15 years, Heart to Heart Communications has been an integral part of our company success story.  Whether it has been individual participation in the ‘Leadership Series’ or values-based group participation classes company-wide, we have had excellent development results at every level on every shift, including midnights!  Break the ice and try this program, it transforms positive energy in your workplace.”

Thomas Haag, President of Kyocera SGS Precision Tools

 “ComDoc’s employees have shared their appreciation for this program, which they believe impacted both their work and personal lives.  They were able to learn about themselves while also learning about those in other departments – two things that have had an incredible impact on our culture.  Years later, they still talk about the program and how it enabled them to be more positive, resilient, and solutions-oriented at work and at home.”

Andrea Capuano, Vice President Organizational Development of ComDoc

“…leaders participated in an opening and closing half-day retreat and 10 monthly two-hour sessions. Everyone in attendance spoke highly of their involvement and the opportunity provided to step away from their very busy schedules, take time to reflect, and gain insights and support from others in leadership positions – especially relating to people issues and finding greater balance at work. Our staff expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be reminded of and renew their sense of purpose for the work they do at our hospital. “

William Considine, President of Akron Children’s Hospital

“The Heart to Heart series have had a profound impression on how I frame my world with family, co-workers and the general public.  I have gained compassion, learned to be more intentional, and developed a discipline for reflection that I apply throughout each day.  The opportunities for personal and professional growth through series such as Strength Finders, Enneagram, and The Resilient Life have revolutionized my thinking.”

Donald K. Lomax, Chief Deputy Clerk Summit County Juvenile Court

“Those attending came to appreciate and understand their own and each others’ strengths, and learned how to utilize these more effectively on the job. They gained insights regarding how to interact with customers and coworkers, especially those different from themselves, in more positive and beneficial ways. Many have remarked that they are better at handling the various stresses at work. I highly recommend businesses to consider offering such a program to their employees.”

Riley Lochridge, Retired Chairman & CEO of ComDoc

“I liked the interaction of our staff and how our facilitator got everyone engaged.  It was a great way to jumpstart an interactive, team building retreat. This was much better than simply listening to a speaker.  I saw how good it is to use positive, open-ended questions to get people thinking and discussing. We had a thought-provoking conversation about our governing principles, how we live them, and how we can live them even better. I know it is tempting for business owners and mangers to try to lead these sessions themselves. However, by having an outside facilitator, you can participate in the discussion as one of the team members and not as the boss. This laid a great foundation in the morning for our all-day staff planning session. The morale at our office which is usually good is reinforced by doing a program such as this. “

Jess Hurst, Managing Partner of  The Millenial Group 

“They helped us to focus on what’s good about us and what we can do to keep improving. I also value their focus on renewing the purpose of our staff. We all need to take time to remember why we are doing what we are doing.”

Bernett Williams, when President and CEO of The Akron Urban League