5 Resolutions for Integrating Spirituality & Work

Posted on 19. Feb, 2014 by in Blog

The New Year provides a new start, an opportunity to better integrate our spirituality with our work lives and put new practices into action. Here are 5 suggested resolutions for better integrating spirituality and work.

1. Practice gratitude.

Every day, make an effort to thank at least one person for something they did on your behalf at work through a grateful word or gesture. The more you express your sincere appreciation for what others do for you in the workplace, the more you develop an attitude of gratitude.

2. Enhance how you communicate.

Communication is one of the most critical tools you can use to embody your spirituality at work every day.

By making more of an effort to focus on and listen to others and their needs and by engaging in positive, open, and mindful heart-to-heart communication practices, you can improve how you connect to others in the workplace, resolve conflicts, and handle diversity.

3. Lead by example.

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to leading. Regardless of whether you have the title of a leader or not, you can inspire and influence others positively in your workplace by your example. That’s what leadership is all about. And, if you are a leader, example is all the more crucial to your effectiveness in leading.

Exhibiting integrity and honesty, acting with courage, taking responsibility, empowering and engaging others, mentoring and encouraging, and suggesting positive solutions to your team’s problems are ways you can lead by example at work regardless of your title or role.

4. Balance your work/life.

You bring your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves to work each day. Balancing all of these in the workplace can be a challenge, but is necessary to fully integrate your values and spirituality with your work, and to effectively lead and work with others.

Make sure that you are meeting all of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to achieve optimal work/life balance. If one of these is out of balance, commit to making a change.

 5. Create or renew your personal mission.

A personal mission helps you focus on your passions, your special gifts, and what you feel called to do. There’s no better time to create and/or renew your personal mission than at the beginning of the year.

You can find greater meaning, fulfillment, and energy in your work when you focus on your work’s purpose and how it makes a difference to others. This year, set at least one goal, such as a task, project, or behavior change, that brings you closer to achieving your personal mission.


Integrating and embodying spirituality at work is a lifelong process of personal development, and requires gradually changing behaviors and habits over time, but let 2014 be the year when you make a commitment to at least these five (5) changes.

written by Katie Talarico

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